This isn’t typical speed dating at all since you’re only meeting people you found yourself and already know you want to meet. We’re just making it normal to have several short “first dates” one after the next in one day instead of over several weeks.  You choose the times and places…you’ll visit at a coffee shop or on a walk, just the two of you, just like any other first date.
Because online/app dating is time consuming…and often disappointing. By helping make mini-dates socially acceptable, we’re helping you efficiently discover who you really want to have a real first date with. And did we mention it’s free?

Easier and safer meeting means less time spent in endless texting and scheduling, and less disappointment if your date isn’t who you expected them to be. Skip the awkwardness of a long date with someone you’re not into and move on to a first date with someone you really like!

Just tell them you’re participating in a DateNova event where people put together their own speed date, ask if they’d like to be one of your dates, and tell them they can put together their own speed date at the event too (fair is fair). Point them to this website for details.

What it’s Like

No, you’re having a private mini-date with one person at a time to see if there’s any chemistry/connection. We recommend 15-30 minutes per date with at least 15 minutes between dates.
Nope. Online daters are looking for the right match, which often means having first dates with a number of people over weeks or months. We’re just compressing that time into one day so you can quickly find out who you actually like.
Relax. Smile and nod if you want. Don’t worry—you both know that if there was chemistry, you’ll see each other again. And you can have fun explaining how you only thought of each other the rest of the day ;)


Contact us below if you’d like to participate in one of our dating workshops

  • Get expert and peer advice on your specific dating profile (yes, bring it!)
  • Workshops include both women and men to give you the best feedback
  • Learn how to setup your own speed date
  • Discover where to meet other interesting singles in the city
  • Learn how to start conversations anywhere
  • Turn conversations into dates

Just $10 for a 1.5 hour session
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